Blog Introduction

Welcome to my first blog post.  My intention is to use this blog as a place to share a blend of experiences and thoughts as they happen.

All you’ll really need to know about me at this point is the following:

  • I’ve been working in the technology industry full time since 1992, but my experience in IT dates back to running a multi-line BBS as a teenager in the late 80’s.
  • I currently am involved in the leadership of 3 distinct businesses.  CMS Consulting Inc., a professional services firm.  Infrastructure Guardian Inc., a managed services firm and Black Arts Illuminated Inc. which runs the SecTor security conference.
  • Despite being rather fond of gas powered toys (cars, motorcycles, boats, etc), I have spent the last couple of years focused on human powered activity. I completed my first ironman triathlon this year.
  • I’m married to an amazing woman and have two wonderful kids.

I’m expecting to use the blog in the following ways:

  • Share lessons learned from our various projects across industries and across Microsoft technologies.
  • Share the lessons I learn growing my businesses and managing a team of highly talented individuals.
  • Pontificate on the future of IT and emerging technologies.

I hope you enjoy and participate with your commentary.

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