About the Author

I’ve been around the IT industry a really long time.  My career started back in 1992 working on large, complex infrastructure for one of the big Canadian banks.  But I had started my own business selling computers and setting up small networks several years before that and ran a popular multi-line BBS before that.  And yes, if you do the math, I was just a teenager then.

These days, many moons have passed.  I carry a variety of titles:
– President, CMS Consulting Inc.
– President, Infrastructure Guardian Inc.
– Director, Black Arts Illuminated Inc.
– Co-Founder, Toronto Area Security Klatch (user group)
– janitor, consultant, solution architect, recruiter, whatever the above companies need from me

One of the advantages of being involved in the operations of a consulting company, managed services company and helping run the largest security event and largest security group in Canada is that I get exposed to a lot of different organizations, a lot of smart people, (a lot of not so smart people too), and a lot of different solutions.  If nothing else, it certainly helps me form some opinions.

And with that, I hope you enjoy the blog.  Feel free to disagree with anything you like, I just ask you post your disagreement.  I learn a little more with every well formed response.

If you still care, there’s more about me and why I blog here: https://brianbourne.ca/2012/10/28/blog-intro/

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